The 7 principles
of campaigning

bbm’s Campaign It! model has been constructed around 7 principles of campaigning that ensure all communications and channels are integrated

The purpose of any campaign is to make change happen
Campaigns are fuelled by a ‘cause’ which can be anything from persuading an individual to change a specific behaviour to influencing a society to change a government. The ‘cause’ is the emotional compulsion for the outcome you want to achieve, providing the motivation and the courage to campaign.
To make change happen you need permission
Every change we seek to create will influence someone else. We need to identify, understand and influence the people we need to be on our side. Without their permission the chances are we will fail to achieve our desired outcome.
To get permission you have to tell a compelling story
The campaign story grows out of our understanding of the value of our ‘cause’ and the benefits it offers. We share the campaign story or ‘narrative’ through a series of integrated activities and by doing so we gain permission.
A compelling story creates an emotional response
For any story to be engaging and compelling, it has to be structured and sequenced appropriately.
The story has to be delivered
through the most appropriate channels at the most appropriate times. Great storytelling is about careful planning and creative flair. Both combine to ensure the desired emotional response from the audience.
The plan changes with
The plan can change if necessary; changes in the world impact on our ability to communicate. We create and control the plan; a willingness to be flexible and adaptive is one of the core traits of a successful campaigner.
Feedback is the lifeblood of a campaign
Seek feedback throughout the duration of the campaign. Keep asking the right questions of the right people, respond to this feedback as required and be ready and willing to manage resistance if and when it appears.
Campaigns all begin and end with a clean whiteboard
No two campaigns are ever the same. When beginning a new campaign forget, temporarily at least, how previous campaigns have been constructed and be curious about the new context within which we operate. Only then can our thinking be informed by previous experiences and skills.

The Campaign It! model shows the real value of ‘cause’ and how the power of cause is essential in constructing a successful campaign.